At Maxluz we create state-of-the-art technology to meet global needs, we develop appropriate solutions for our national and international clients.

We are a Mexican company born with the idea and goal of showing that Mexican talent competes internationally, designing, developing and manufacturing products with the highest quality standards.

Thanks to our focus on innovation, our brand is transcending and gaining ground in the global market as a provider of technology to optimize, save and generate energy by implanting in the public and private sectors.

We are involved in all the phases of development of our luminaires and products for generation and measurement of energy thanks to our partner Pounce, with which we can carry out:

Design and product development



This allows us to constantly renew and offer continuous improvements tailored to our customers.



Our design and development team will help you accelerate the time to launch each product to the market without sacrificing quality or compromising delivery times by engaging in each stage and design cycle. From the concept to obtain the final product.

We take our sketch and transform it into a concept to take it to a final product using the advanced resources and knowledge of our entire team. Our experience in analysis, testing and concept modeling help us provide all our customers with the solutions needed to transform their product vision into a tangible device.

Mexican manufacturing quality of world order.

The national manufacture is widely known for its high level of quality.

Pounce and Maxluz have grown by leaps and bounds thanks to their proudly Mexican production and manufacturing that transforms ideas into products for national and international clients.

The manufacturing operation is designed to be flexible, agile and respond to the needs of the development of new products. In addition, the manufacturing has the highest standards of quality, production control and certified processes.

We have 10,000 mts, 2 manufacturing areas, 4,000 mts, 2 focused on production lines, 19 manufacturing lines for assembly, 2 lines of SMT that are capable of placing 95,000 components per hour in integrated circuits, a calibration laboratory which contains 6 electronic components calibration equipment.

We continue to make Mexico a benchmark in technological development and human talent.


ISO 9001:2015


IPC 600 certificación PCB


IPC 610 certificación ensamble final

IPC 610
for the certification of the final assembled product


for the implementation, control and certification of the production process


for the certification of the final assembly




Rubén Darío #746, Col. Providencia, Guadalajara, Jalisco.


+52 (33) 3942 2500